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American Flag, stand, & pole set
Daily: $12.00
3 x 5 American flag with stand & pole with eagle ornament. Learn More

Foot stool
Weekly: $15.00
Foot stool Learn More

Delaware flag, pole, & stand set
Daily: $12.00
3 x 5 Delaware flag with stand and pole. Learn More

Dehumidifier, commercial LGR Revolution series
Daily: $60.00
Weekly: $240.00

Commercial compact dehumidifier for effective moisture removal. Arrives spring of 2015

Learn More

Cooler,evaporative mobile
Daily: $45.00
Weekly: $180.00
Evaporative cooler, mobile cooling. Available spring 2013 Learn More

Misting fan
Daily: $40.00
Weekly: $150.00

Portable "person cooler" combines fine mist and high speed air movement for personnel cooling indoors or outdoors. Available early April

Learn More

Fan, pedestal 30" 2 spd.
Daily: $30.00
Weekly: $120.00

Fan, 36" spot cooler
Daily: $35.00
Weekly: $140.00

Fan, 24" on wheels
Daily: $25.00
Weekly: $100.00
24" portable high volume fan Learn More

Steamer, fabric
4 Hrs.: $15.00
Daily: $20.00
Weekly: $60.00

Paper shredder
Daily: $25.00
Weekly: $100.00
Commercial duty paper shredder. Learn More

Ozone Generator
Daily: $50.00
Weekly: $200.00
Odor destroying generator eliminates the source of odors. Learn More

Refrigerator, 9.6 cf.
Daily: $30.00
Weekly: $125.00

Apt size if you need the extra space. extra

Learn More

Air conditioner (8,000 BTU)
Daily: $30.00
Weekly: $65.00
Portable window air conditioner 8,000 btu Learn More

Animal trap, md
Daily: $12.00
Weekly: $24.00

16 Item(s)

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